12 tips on how to hold February with benefit

February – the most depressed winter month. I would like to get rid of the load of warm clothes as soon as possible and substitute your face with gentle sunlight. Psychologist Alexander Mountain tells how to survive until spring, without falling into discomfort.

Behind the windows, the blizzard howls again, presses the sky protracted with continuous cloud, all the colors of the world turned into a hundred shades of gray. This is not a reason to fall into a gloomy mood, February can be truly the best month of the year.

All gifts are exactly where we do not want to go. So this world works. Perhaps it is the winter season that hides the best gifts for us behind the snowdrifts. If we want to get them, we must get together and do exactly what we usually did not do. Forward to conquer February!

An unbeliever Thomas lives in each, he does not believe in ourselves that we can achieve something, worthy of the best in this life. Each time, he “redraws” our world so that we abandon the chances of a real change in life for the better. Most often does this with the help of grumbling, apathy, unbelief and unwillingness to go where we need. Stop listening to it and never reset from the accounts those actions that you want to do the least is the fastest way to change your life. Of course, I’m not talking about extreme and real danger to health and life. We are talking about psychological, moral, strong -willed restrictions.

Winter gives a lot of reasons for a bad mood, but they are all overcome. But opens incredible opportunities for working on himself, rebirth, intellectual labor. Not for nothing, scientific progress is driven mainly by the northern countries. There are a lot of opportunities for sports, obtaining new impressions and self -knowledge.

The main ways to make February useful and joyful:

1. Plan a vacation at a dream place

All successful friends flew to the warm lands and share photos on social networks. How can I not feel like a loser and a captive of a hated winter? It is the fact that someone lives better than you leads among the causes of poor mood and depression. And, it would seem, there is nothing to oppose this. But the path to success itself, every step towards it is no less important for self -esteem than success itself. Let’s start taking our own steps to success.

Plan a trip to the sea. Maybe not now, not even for tomorrow, but be sure to open sites with tours and select the appropriate. Even if the vacation only after many months, the reserved tour will warm now. Thoughts that you are a loser will disappear! Early planning has many advantages: the tour is cheaper, the time remains to accumulate on a good rest, there is a desire to work more zealous, self -esteem is growing, and as a rule, salary is growing with it. Dare!

2. To choose the right clothes for cold weather

It’s cold and vile outside, parties and cafes were bored, and at home to sit unbearable. But even the thought of going out into the cold is terrified.

Unlike the heat, which residents of hot regions really get and suffered, the cold is easily compensated by the correct wardrobe. If you choose outdoor activities, you will need a sports winter jumpsuit and a balaclava (they are now at the peak of fashion, there are styles for every taste). If the plans are urban walks, a warm fashionable down jacket, sheepskin coat or new fur coat (taken on installments taken or loan, it will raise the mood and self -esteem, the money will return to the hundredfold).

The selection of the wardrobe is not only a practical, but also the creative process. It allows you to show individuality. Sometimes you can spend a boring month in search of yourself, simultaneously learning a lot about fashion, practicality and your strong qualities.

3. Winter walks and entertainment

The best way to love winter is to go out into nature and try yourself in winter entertainment. At your service, walks in crispy pure snow, beautiful snowy alleys of parks, the opportunity to lie in the snow, depending on the winter sky, blind a snowman or build a whole snow city.

During this period, nature is especially quiet and has deep thoughts, to immersion in itself. Silence with a minimum number of people even in noisy city parks, and outside the city it is more like a walk in space or desert.

The impact of the desert is known for a long time. Messiah of antiquity went to the desert for rebirth, now it is a popular place for retrites. For our region, the exit to nature in winter is comparable to the effect of the desert, try it yourself.

4. Winter sports

This is where you can walk so that lovers will envy the winter under palm trees! Skiing, tubing (the best way to recall childhood and get a charge of adrenaline), city rinks are not only the best physical activity, but also a good place to relax and a romantic dating. Playing snowballs, and just the opportunity to ride a couple of meters along the ice rolled on the street along with a funny children.

It is physical activity in winter that allows you to pass rapid acclimatization in the cold. For example, in an hour on the rink you will not only not freeze, but also unbutton the warm down jacket. Moreover, several campaigns on the rink, and you will stop freezing in the cold at all. Feel like real winter winners. To teach the body to feel comfortable at minus temperature – the main bonus of winter sports.

5. Winter photo shoots

This is a very interesting event. Even though the number of images in winter is most often limited, this is a challenge to creative abilities and a reason to look for interesting locations. In winter, the world changes so much that each place becomes completely different, and some “scenery” are available only at this time of year. For example, a photo shoot in the Ice Sculptures Park. And you can come up with something like a photo of frozen pasta.

6. Fire magic

Winter is the time when the fire acquires a truly magical attractiveness. If you live a border and have a fireplace in the house, I think I should not talk about it, you yourself know everything! If you are a city dweller, pamper yourself with a living fire of candles. Many of them will give not only the heat of fire, but also a delicate aroma. However, it is better to buy ordinary candles, and entertain aromatherapy with aroma lamp.

Fire, along with water, is a very effective remedy for stress. Even if you look at the candle flame for only a few minutes, the mood can change significantly for the better. You can talk to fire, they did this

Αυτό δεν σημαίνει ότι η πορνογραφία είναι επιβλαβής και απαραίτητη για την απαγόρευση, απλώς επηρεάζει τους ανθρώπους με διαφορετικούς τρόπους και οι άνδρες μπορούν να είναι λιγότερο καμαγκρα σε πραγματικές σχέσεις. Και αντί της δαιμονοποίησης αυτού του είδους, αξίζει να σκεφτούμε πώς να βοηθήσουμε τους ανθρώπους να καταλάβουν ότι αυτό είναι φαντασιώσεις, όχι οδηγίες και όχι παρουσίαση στο πραγματικό σεξ.

in antiquity, trusting him with hope and sorrows. With his help, they created real magic. It is absolutely accurate that with a burning candle, sincere conversations are better (not without reason it is a mandatory attribute of a romantic date), as well as creative and intellectual activity, meditation. Make fire to your friend!

7. Bath or sauna

What could be better than after frost to go to the sauna? Probably just run out of the bath to the snow and jump into a snowdrift! If you live a bark, you probably have a bathhouse, if you are a city resident, find it next to the house or the park in which you are walking, a fitness center with a sauna. You will benefit from fitness programs all year round, and in winter an additional bonus in the form of a sauna, and a guarantee from winter colds! But remember that sudden temperature drops are not recommended for people with cardiovascular diseases.

8. Hot bath

If fitness is not for you, the best way to warm up after a winter walk in urban conditions and deliver an unearthly pleasure for yourself – a bath with aromatic salt. If you still light the candles, then the power of fire and water will allow you to recover, relieve stress and completely degenerate even in the most advanced cases. Sometimes you can add good music to this.

9. Soliary or ultraviolet lamp

In winter, we lack ultraviolet radiation, and this greatly affects the life tone. Go to the solarium or buy a UV lamp-this will help to fully compensate for the lack of sunlight and return vigor and optimism. This is a very important and effective method. But keep in mind that the duration of the sessions should be minimal, because UV-rays in large quantities ages the skin and provoke oncology. In minimal doses, they are many times greater than harm than harm. Use wisely!

10. Interaction with living plants

Buy flowers, indoor plants in the house. Even if you have not loved winter walks, living plants will help you change your mood for the better. It is very important for our body to maintain contact with nature. How we interact with plants, has not been studied to the end, but the fact of a beneficial effect is proved.

eleven. Update in the house

Add bright colors to the house, make a rearrangement in the rooms or even repair. February is the best time to make out the blockages of the past and throw out old things, garbage and a load of unnecessary memories.

12. Education and work on oneself

Sign up for full-time or online courses, take care of self-knowledge or consult a psychologist. Spend winter evenings with benefit. Previous points allowed you to cheer up and get additional energy and motivation, so spend them on strategic self -development.

It is in winter that we have a lot of time to take care of ourselves and our education, because the evenings are long, and the temperature of the house is optimally suitable for mental work, creativity, meditation. This is the best time to invest for strength and energy in your development or go to a psychologist and establish a personal life. Try to figure it out and draw new plans. As you can see, February has many more gifts. Stop frowning, go to the window, smile at the winter landscape and let your vivid impressions warm your life!

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